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Kinds of Conventional Advertising


Billboards are classic present in big cities and main roads. However, their popularity decreases in these past few years


Weekly or mothly printed medias have spaces for ads. However, readers buy magazines & newspapers for the articles

TV Commercial Ads

TV commercials are everywhere. However, we only have so many hours left to spend by sitting in front of the TV each day

Problem of Conventional Advertising

Hight Cost

The fee for ads are draining the budget 

No Modification Tools

The fee for ads are draining Ad contents cannot be modified by advertisers. Once it’s out there, it’s out there

Long & Conventional Process

Proces for conventional ads are long and complex

No Monitoring & Analytic Toolst

Conventional ads cannot give precise monitoring & analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of their current ads

Static Content

The content is static and it cannot show options according to demographic of the target market

The Time For Digital Marketing

Those are the reasons why now is the perfect time to utilise digital marketing via modern and personal devices

Solution from us


Wificolony is an online digital platform for managing ads through free Wi-Fi networks for brand campaigns and advertising. In a revolutionary way, we use precise geolocation and develop insightful customer data in order to deliver the most relevant digital ads. Wificolony provides a solution, bridging the millennials with brands and ads.

How We Solve These Problem

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