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These general terms & conditions ('Terms') of Wificolony are applicable to the use of network Wi-Fi Hotspot, as operated by Wificolony Member.


Wificolony Network

  • These terms are in particular applicable to use of the wireless internet services (in conformity with the Wi-Fi – wireless fidelity standard) at the Wificolony Hotspots.

  • Wificolony Hotspots makes use of the standard IEE 802.11 b/g/n (or any similar future technique that may deem appropriate to Wificolony) protocol for wireless data traffic. Wificolony does not engage in any kind of guarantee as to the availability and functionality of this free service. By using the free of charge Wi-Fi service the user agrees that Wificolony cannot be held responsible for the data security, integrity and system security of the users system. User is resposible for the security of its own systems and the use of encryption technology when using email and or another personal data. In addition User is responsible for the use of correct settings and configuration of his/her own equipment. Wificolony reserves the right to withdraw the Wi-Fi service entirely, change its condition and/or technology or make service chargeable without notification and binding.

  • Wificolony Network is only available to the member of the Wificolony providing the service.

  • Username and passwords provided to User remain the property of Wificolony . User shall not provide username and passwords to third parties and will inform Wificolony immediately if User becomes aware of abuse of its passwords and/or username by third parties. User remains responsible for any user of the Wificolony Network with username and password even if such use is unauthorized or without knowledge of the User. User is not allowed to share or have more than one person make use of the username and password for the Hotspots of Wificolony.

  • Wificolony reserves the right to monitor user of its Network, to avoid abuse.

  • User shall, when using the Wificolony Network, Wificolony and related services refrain from the following:

  • distribution or facilitating spam;

  • hacking or otherwise disrupting the functionality of websites and services;

  • infringing the rights of third parties;

  • publishing and or distributing discriminatory and/or pornographic content;

  • conducting (or inciting others to conduct) any criminal activity or any other activity that contravenes public order or decency.

  • Wificolony reserves the right to, in whole or in part, change, limit, or discontinue the Wificolony Network, Features, Services and or Terms and Conditions.

  • In case of any infringements user will be solely responsible for legal proceedings that may occur as a result of any breach of current law. Consequently, all fees induced by such proceedings will be charge to user.

  • This acces is free and provided 'as is' with no support, no warranties and subject to change without notice.


Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

User shall, when using the Wificolony Network, act in accordance with the following instructions:

  • User shall act in conformity with generally accepted principles of Internet use;

  • User shall not hinder or damage the computer systems of Wificolony or other users of the Wificolony Network;

  • User shall not use the Wificolony Network for the distribution (in whatever manner or fashion) of racist or discriminatory material, or material that otherwise contravenes public order or decency.

  • User shall not make use of Wificolony Network for infringement of the rights of third parties.

  • User shall not burden the Wificolony Network with unusual heavy data traffic (including spam), as may be determined by Wificolony at its sole discretion.

  • User shall not make the Wificolony Network available, whether paid or not, to third parties without written permission from Wificolony.



In case of discrepancy between this English version terms and the other language versions, the English version shall prevail. The present terms and conditions shall be construed under Indonesian Law. User acknowledges and agree that Indonesian courts have exclusive jurisdiction over the present terms and conditions.

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