Empowering your Wi-Fi

Engage your customer, monetise your Wi-Fi


What is Wificolony?

Wificolony is a customer engagement tool, with Wificolony you can engage with your customer, know the individuals better, and getting closer to them. This is about factual data that will shape the future of your brand in a whole new way, bridging the millennials with your brands. Not only just an engagement tools, we will transform your Wi-fi from a cost generator into your new revenue source.


How to engage your customer?

  • Customer’s Email
    Greet them on their birthday

  • Marketing Email
    Give information to the customers about your new product, promotion, and event

  • Report and Dashboard
    Observe your customers from our
    report & dashboard

  • Loyality Program
    Make a special program for your loyal customers, make sure they will revisit you

  • Demografi Customer
    Match your product based on your
    customer’s demography

  • Segmented Marketing
    Engage with your customer, know the
    individuals better, and getting closer to

Social Impact

​Now everyone can get free Wi-Fi access with simple and easy way.

Wificolony partakes in newly expanded Wi-Fi ad network that reaches millions of consumers each month with place-based brand engagement.

It gives users the free Wi-Fi they look for, venues the revenue to counterbalance the costs associated with providing a high-bandwidth Wi-Fi experience, and ultimately, the brand the exposure they crave with the best targeting.

How Wificolony help you?

Engage with your customer

Your advertising platform

Bridging your brands with millenials


This is the future of advertising.

It’s game-changing innovation that will shape the future of brands

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